Design without Borders 2021

2021. December 21.

Exhibition of furniture, textile, uniform and jewelry designers and artists from the Czech, Danish, Estonian, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, German, Italian, Austrian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swiss and Slovak.

One of the most significant independent exhibitions and a series of art events in our region, dating back more than a decade and a half, this time to more than 100 designers from 14 countries, showcases the work of its jewelry designer and fine artist. First in history This time, a narrower selection of the exhibition will be on display in Bratislava and then in Vienna.
In addition to design objects, the audience can encounter object simulations, contemporary jewelery, works created virtually due to the epidemiological situation, environmentally conscious and socially responsible projects that freely interpret genre boundaries and films about them, as well as works presenting the cultural and creative context of gastronomy. The event is enriched by all-arts and professional programs, contemporary dance and music performances, and thematic curatorial guided tours.

Curators: Szilvia Szigeti, Tamás Radnóti