image of  Marta Kanics

I’m Márta Kanics hungarian textile designer, founder of maartka textil.design.

As a textile designer my main focus is on the harmony of colours, creating special surfaces, and the connection between traditional techniques with innovative technologies. There are two major areas that determined my artistic activity in the last few years. One of them is experimenting with the psychic effects of colours, the other one is creating special, woven structures.

My Fine art work:

My art work is focuse on colours. I deal with psychic influenze of colours several years. My aim is to plan pictures which will influesce the environment in a positive and motivated way. My pictures are not just decorative incidentally, but they can also help in self- realization when you can find yor colours of harmony.

My Applied/ industrial work:

A work in different area of textiledesign. I design and execute custom design and induvidual fashion items and accessories. I make interior design, decoration of hauses and flats.

The quality, the esthetic, the harmony in colours and form is very important to me.

Have a nice time!