Cheer up! Collection

My art work is focuse on colours. I deal with psychic influenze of colours several years. I am really interested in the harmony of kolorits expressing moodswith colours. My primary focuse is on the mystical force radiating from certain colours and touns of colours. This force attracts and inspires me in my work while making coasters collection. From 2007 I have continuously improve and expand my coaster product.

Coaster colourful, 9x9

Coaster for glasses, 9x9 & 15x15

Square coaster for glasses, 30x30

Table runner, 20x80

Table mat, 42x37

Napkin ring, 5x9

Cheer up Glass marker

Cheer up tablecloth 120x180

Cheer up pillow

Cheer up ring

Cheer up necklace